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What is TAWS?

**NEW ** Presentations and Write-up of the 2010 TAWS-GHDT Seminar

TAWSGuidelines for Equine Draught Harness for Developing Countries

Photo: Lahore, Pakistan by Paul Starkey The Aim of TAWS is to Promote Improved Management, Health and Welfare of Transport and Draft Animals.

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Photo: Brick donkey in Pakistan by Paul Starkey

Our Mission

TAWS will

  • Focus on long term health, welfare and management programmes.
  • Focus on methods of treatment and management which are technically, culturally and economically right for the users.
  • Focus on the poorest people who depend on their animals to survive.
  • Make our projects, research and meetings action orientated

Photo: Injured horse in Ethiopia by Paul Starkey

Who Are We?

TAWS started as an informal group of vets who wanted to use their specialist knowledge to improve the long term health, welfare and management of draught and transport animals.  We are now a registered charity with over 200 members.  Our work spans four continents. TAWS is run on a voluntary basis by a committee. Our funds come from membership fees, donations and fund raising events and also from partner charities which share our aims.  

Photo: Camel in Egypt by Paul Starkey

Why is TAWS Needed?
  • Many of the world’s poorest people are dependent on horses, oxen, donkeys, camels, mules and buffaloes to cultivate land and transport goods and people.
  • Poor feed, lameness, harness sores, parasites and poor breeding can cause great suffering to the animals and reduce their performance.
  • Much is known about animal health, welfare and management BUT it is poorly disseminated to communities in the third world.

Photo: Ox cart in Madagascar by Paul Starkey

What Is TAWS Doing About It?

How Can You Help?

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