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Workshop 2004 - Common Ground: Moving Forward with Animals

Some workshop papers are already available on this page - others will follow soon. See below for details of the various workshop outputs that will follow

Click Here to Read a Report of the Workshop
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The 2004 TAWS workshop was held on Thursday 15 April  2004 at Silsoe Research Institute, Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedford MK45 4HS.

The title of the workshop 'Common Ground: Moving Forward with Animals' reflected the aim of identifying points of common interest among organisations and individuals working in the fields of agriculture, veterinary science, animal welfare, intermediate transport and socio-economic development in order to move the agenda forward, with greater collaboration and information sharing for the benefit of all the relevant stakeholders, including the work animals themselves. 

The workshop brought together a wide range of people concerned with working animals and their welfare, including agriculturalists, research staff veterinarians, representatives of the major charities and donor agencies, as well as interested supporters and students. It provided a stimulating and conducive environment to exchange ideas and information, and propose new initiatives and actions in this important field. This event was held in collaboration with the Overseas Group of the British Veterinary Association and the Tropical Agricultural Association.

There were practical demonstrations using donkeys, of tillage, harnessing equipment, including a demonstration of Charles Pinney's hitch cart with a 3-point linkage and a motor to power auxiliary equipment such as manure spreaders. There were videos and demonstrations of equipment for farriers and posters on rural transport, animal welfare, and other topics. A range of publications, CDs, DVDs videos and other resource materials were on display (some available free and some for purchase). 
This workshop built upon the success of last year's acclaimed workshop (click here for details).

Workshop Proceedings and Outputs

TAWS will publish the papers presented and a summary of the discussions on this website and also as a printed volume, later in 2004. Several of the papers are now available - click on the title if it is underlined and in blue, and you will see the paper or handout. If the name of the author or institution is underlined and in blue, this will link you to another website related to the author or their institution.

Click here to read a report of the workshop

Click here to read the workshop evaluation report

Overall theme - Common Ground: Moving Forward with Animals.

9.00 Coffee and Networking

9.30 Introduction to the Workshop Roger Connan (TAWS President) and Paul Starkey (Workshop facilitator)

9.45 Keynote Address by Lord Soulsby of Swaffham Prior

10.00 Introduction to Theme 1: Animal power for crop production: new tillage or no tillage? Benefits and constraints (**click for paper)   Click **here to see presentation
Presentation by Andy Whitmore of paper prepared by Jim Ellis-Jones, Silsoe Research Institute

10.30 Introduction to Theme 2: Developing animal power for transport: key roles for civil society, governments and welfare organisations (**click to read paper)
Presentation by Paul Starkey, Animal Traction Development

11.00 Coffee and Networking

11.30 Introduction to Theme 3: Working with other animal welfare organisations: practical and ethical considerations (**click to read paper)
Presentation by John Smales, Chief Executive, International League for the Protection of Horses, ILPH

12.00 Introduction to Theme 4: Harnessing and yoking systems

12.00 German Harnesses for Oxen (**click for paper). presentation by Jörg Bremond, ZADI, Germany  (click **here for presentation pictures)

12.20 **Ox yokes: culture, comfort and animal welfare (warning 1 Mb file). Presentation by Drew Conroy, University of New Hampshire, USA

12.40 **Donkey Harnessing. Information on an initiative on by Terry Davis, UK

12.50 **Working Cattle in Europe Historical perspectives and need to retain expertise. Paper by Cozette Griffin-Kremer, Centre d’Histoire des Techniques, France

13.00 Lunch, Posters and Networking

13.30 Practical demonstrations of some equipment using donkeys
(Thanks to Carl Boyd for use of the donkeys, and Silsoe Research Institute for allowing use of the plot and to Charles Pinney for bringing his hitchcart for the demonstration)

14.30 Brief report on some initiatives agreed at last year's TAWS workshop
Students and their potential to get involved in UK and overseas by Tony Stevens, TAWS / BVA

Objectives of Thematic Groups 

14.45 Discussions and working groups on some of the morning themes

Harnessing (**Click for Group Report)
Collaboration between agencies (
**click for report)
Animal powered transport and its regulation (
**click for report)

16.30 Presentations of group work and plenary discussion 

17.00 Conclusions and determination of follow-up activities  

17.30 Workshop evaluation (click to see results)

18.30 Optional Dinner

Click here to read a report of the workshop

Click here to read the workshop evaluation report

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